Carmel Fields
Winter's Blessings-SOLD
Early Storm
Dusk at Mesilla
Mesilla Church oil pastel
Emerging Waters

Our  Story

A native born Texan, who has lived in El Paso most of her life. Yvonne Postelle has been a painter for most if not the entirety of her adult life. Growing up She was always one for the creative and interesting indifferent art forms. She played the Clarinet in the school band, while also being a consistent doodler. She was always drawing. As an adult, she found that painting was a way to express herself and relax. The love she has found in a paint brush is a big indescribable one.

On a life changing trip to France, Yvonne had the incredible opportunity to roam around the city where Claude Monet once walked, Giverny, France. This truly blessed trip motivated and renewed a deep interest in Monet's technique and impressionism. While visiting museums, She was always drawn to the old master exhibità, especially Claude Monet. The exquisite colors and the mastery techniques made a huge impression on her.

Inspiration comes from her travels abroad and through out the United States. When she sees a landscapes, and in the process of planning to paint it, there is always a sensational feeling, a moment in time. Something captivates her and stirs this feeling inside, one that tells her, she must create.

Our Approach

I have and always will be inspired by the world I live in. I believe that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I see and find beauty in everything around me. I think that variety is the spice of life. In my travels I have found variety in beautiful landscapes. I document my travels and experiences by painting the sensational scenery around me. I work primarily in oil as a landscape painter. The love of art has been a constant passion as long as I can remember. Through my paintings I love to show how God and nature inspire me with vibrant and dancing colors, bringing life to the most common objects.

Meet the Team

Yvonne Postelle


Painting the world around her for 29+ years.

She is exhibited regularly in both group and juried

shows, served as Chairperson for El Paso Art

Association, Spring show, Arts International,

Providence Memorial Hospital Founder’s Hall,

Providence Hospital Women’s Department, sec-

ond place in Las Cruces Arts & Crafts Exhibition,

Guaranteed Purchase Award, Second Place in Nat-

ional League of American Pen Women, Second Place,

KCOS Public TV Collection 13, Honorable Mention,

First Place in Landscape category, KCOS Public TV,

Sun Bowl International Art Exhibit,   Past President,

Secretary, Treasures of Border Branch, Nat-

ional League of American Pen Women, Inc., Past

Chairperson, 4 years running of State Exhibitions,

Past Membership Director for El Paso Art Association.

Currently being represented by Mesilla Valley Fine

Arts, Inc., Mesilla, NM, Xanadu Gallery, Scottsdale,

AZ, continuing to improve her skills by workshops.

Next Steps...

If you are interested in the art, feel free to contact us or visit our services page.